Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rinse & Repeat: The FILTH is BACK!!!

My beautiful MoNKeYs!!!

Wow, it’s been so long since I last wrote here. After just two months, 2K10 has been anythin’ but borin’!!! I’ve been wickedly busy lately and haven’t had much in the way of free time… I started a new job towards the end of 2009 and sadly haven’t had enough time to blog or even throw together a new mixxx…

Well the wait is over!!! BOOMYAAA!!!

Last night I made my return to pirate radio on !!! There truly was electricity in the air, and filthy electro pumpin’ through the speakers!!! I really couldn’t have received a warmer welcome back… Many people from our live4vibez family as well as co-workers, and Facebook buddies joined me in the chat!!! It was really special as the extremely talented DJ Azreal went back 2 back with me, delightin’ our ears with some of the finest Trance tracks past and present!!!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of your support!!! It really means the world to me, and from the bottom of my heart I appreciate all the kind words and messages that ya all have shared with me.

Just incase ya weren’t able to join in the fun, here is the track list from last night’s set, and as always ya can stream the mixxx here on the house-mixes juke box player!!! Don’t forget to check out my profile here where ya can stream or d/l any of my past sets!!!



1. Jack Beats & MC Dynamite – What (Boy 8-Bit Mix)
2. Matt B – Nuttahz (Royal K’s Gets Nutty Remix)
3. Rustler – Get Dumb (Deviant Soundsystem Mix)
4. Kelevra – Grab Ya Funkstick (Lee Mortimer’s Rhubard Re-Rub)
Calvertron Vs Banga – Smash It (Original Mix)
6. Warboy – London’s Gettin’ Dirty (Kelevra’s Deep Dirty Remix)
7. Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre – The Next Episode (The Incredible Melting Man Bootleg)
8. Deviant Soundsystem – Jump (Backwards Bootleg)
9. Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow (Royal K’s Drop the Beat Now Bootleg)
10. Rhianna – Rude Boy (Filthy Rehab’s Rude Bootleg)
11. Daft Punk – Around the World (Kerrie Nation Bootleg)
12. Kyle Watson – Jack My Wobble (Defunct! Jack My Twitch Remix)
13. Robaco Bossa, G. Volante – Wrong CD (Tommy Tremundo Remix)
14. Punk Rolla – War
15. The Angry Kids, Bob Marley – Mr. Brown (Wonk Remix)
16. Skinny – Shake It (Mini K Remix)
17. Green Velvet – Percolator (Jason Score Bootleg)
18. Screwface Johnson – Ride and Whistle (Defunct! Polluted Mix)
19. Fast Eddie – Time to Get Funky (Deekline and Tim Healey Remix)
20. HouseSick – Boogie Riddim (Wobbly Sluts Funking the Music Bootleg)
21. Wonk, Filthy Rehab – Your Smoking (Original Mix)
22. Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden – Bonkers (Royal K’s Bonking Bootleg)
23. Blaze Tripp – Automatic (Dylan Holshausen’s Speed Manula Remix)
24. Kerrie Nation – That Voodoo U Do (Dylan Holshausen Remix)
25. J-Kwon – Tipsy (Filthy Rehab’s Pissed Up Remix)
26. Nyteowl – Bring Back Da Funk (Bass Weazal Remix)
27. CJ Bolland – Sugar Is Sweeter (Twocker Remix)