Saturday, December 12, 2009

promoting music without borders...

Hiya my beautiful MoNKeYs!!!

So the LIVE4VIBEZ “End of Year Special” has come and gone... It was a complete success from what I’ve been told... I really wish that I could’ve tuned in to more sets and supported the community a little more, but I was feelin’ absolutely awful... I would’ve loved to come out and supported the North American DJ’s... Though I was lucky to have tuned in to DJ Azreal’s tribute, and all I can say is that it was well worth the wait (he hasn’t had the opportunity to spin for us since October, and it was such a treat)!!!

Now I’m only goin’ to mention this, and not dwell on it, as others already have an idea as to how I feel about the situation... The LIVE4VIBEZ DJ roster consists of DJ’s from across the world and about 60% of those DJ’s are from the UK... I have noticed that the support is very one sided... From my personal experiences, I have received the cold shoulder on a number of different occasions when in the chat areas, tunin’ into the UK DJ’s sets (and I’ve been told that others have had similar experiences as well)... Perhaps some of them are too posh for pirate radio, in which case, I suggest they go suck a disc... Just maybe us North American DJ’s should follow suit and stick together as well, but doesn’t that just take away from the sense of community??? My other concern is that only select individuals have their sets promoted on either FB or twitter, and yet the administrators of the site can’t seem to figure out why there isn’t a line up of DJ’s lookin’ to book their sets... I think that every DJ deserves to be promoted equally, and that those in charge of promotion, should grow up and stop it with the political BS that is really hinderin’ the incredible potential that LIVE4VIBEZ has to offer...

As far as my set from last night, unfortunately it won’t be available for download, as I had huge problems with my ISP, and was disconnected on at least 3 different occasions... I’m really not happy about it as it was a huge effort on my part just to play bein’ in the sad state that I was... But I want to just say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that tuned in... As always your support is very much appreciated and truly keeps me motivated at all times... If I’m able to find some free time within the next few days, I’ll record somethin’ similar to the banger that I spun last night, and throw it up on

Stay healthy and safe durin’ this holiday season my wonderful MoNKeYs!!!





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