Wednesday, December 9, 2009

LIVE4VIBEZ End of 2009 Special Announcement!!!

Hello my beautiful MoNKeYs!!!

Are we in the Christmas spirit yet??? To be honest, I haven’t even started my shoppin’ yet... I really am one of those nuts that are faithfully out every Christmas Eve; just startin' the shoppin’, fightin’ the mad retail rush, scourin’ the empty shelves tryin’ desperately to find that perfect gift... It’s almost like a sport!!! Speed definitely counts and ya can almost guarantee to have some sorta body contact w. fellow shoppers...

It’s not that I’m a Scrooge; I just have no use for the holiday... All of the madness, just for one day, and the only thing that’s absolutely certain, is you’ll have an empty wallet and wider waist once everything is said and done... But let me make it clear, I do love the mistletoe... Random kisses definitely are the highlight of the holiday season... Okay, and I’ll admit that a visit from Santa Claus is a nice bonus too... What’s more romantic than a man who sneaks into my house while I sleep, samples my cookies, and leaves me gifts for the mornin’???

So have we been naughty or nice this far MoNKeYs??? Sadly, I’ve been behavin’ myself lately... Entirely too busy for trouble to find me... So I guess I’m on the “nice” list so far, but there’s still time to cross over... And once that spiced eggnog finds me, well, I’ll be sure to have a Merry Christmas indeed!!! ;o)

So here’s the scoop (yes there is a point to all this holiday rambling’); is holdin’ an END of ‘09 SPECIAL this FRIDAY DECEMBER THE 11th!!! Over 24 hrs of LIVE music, mixxxed by the lovely DJ’s in the L4V community!!! And as luck would have it, there was a free set available, so I snatched it up (feelin’ a wee bit like the Grinch, but in a good way)...

I’ll be goin’ LIVE this FRIDAY DECEMBER THE 11TH beginnin’ @ 9:00 PM (EST), bringin’ ya my fav. FIDGET HOUSE traxxx of this year!!! I’m super excited as I’ll be goin’ back to back w. the very talented DJ AZREAL who will be doin’ a tribute to the best TRANCE traxxx of ’09!!! And I will personally see to it, that there be lumps of coal for those who don’t show up...

So be sure to take a break from the abuse of Christmas carols and LOCK ON!!!





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