Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mmmashup madness with a mini mixxx

Hiya my gorgeous MoNKeYs!!!

I know it’s been sooo long since I wrote ya last. I’ve been wickedly busy lately, but I’ve decided to make some time for the lot of ya filth mongers!!!

First I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support!!! It means the world to me… This really is a grab and go world that we live in, so when my mixxxes are d/led I don’t expect comments or feedback of any kind… But you my wonderful MoNKeYs always take the time to at least rate them, and often accompany the d/l’s with wonderful comments… Huge ups to the lot of yas… I appreciate it sooo much!!!

Secondly, if ya haven’t been creepin’ on my house-mixes profile than ya haven’t heard my mashup madness!!! I recently released a mashup that I put together a couple of weeks ago… --> Calvertron & Banga Vs. Ac Slater - A Vertigo Like Dat (KristalwithaK's Kracked Up Mashup)… Get on it!!! It’s crammed full of filth and found exxxclusively here --> http://www.house-mixes.com/artists/KristalwithaK !!!

Finally, I put together a mini mixxx this past weekend!!! K-Wired (011) is out and available to stream or d/l now!!! It’s a mini Nelsen Grover compilation/ tribute that contains a few of my fav. traxxx by an incredible DJ/ Producer… Spend 30 minutes in this bouncy electro mixxx… It’s not my usual wonky electro, fidget house kinda mixxx, but it’s absolutely BANGIN’!!! I just wanted to try somethin’ a lil different, and was pleasantly surprised by the results!!!

Fret not my filthy lil MoNKeYs, there’s gonna be another downright dirty mixxx out soon!!! I’ve got loads of new goodies and can’t wait to share them with the lot of yas!!!
Here’s the dedicated tracklist for K-Wired (011)



1. Editors – Papillon (Nelsen Grover Remix)
2. Nelsen Grover – Fratres (Arvo Part Cover)
3. Kaiser Chiefs – Love’s Not a Competition (But I’m Winning) (Nelsen Grover Remix)
4. Nelsen Grover – Neon Again (Felix Da Housecat vs. Chemical Bros. Mashup)
5. Nelsen Grover vs. Kylie Minogue – Running Slowly
6. Estelle ft. Kanye West – American Boy (Nelsen Grover Remix)
7. Nelsen Grover – Nothing To Do (Original Mix)





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